Thursday 3 May 2012

An Introduction

Recently some friends told me about an idea they had. Basically, they wanted to read more scientific papers and decided to set up a blog where they could post comments on the papers they read. So they started

This sounded like a good plan to me, and I joined them and started reading and commenting.

However, I decided to publish my comments, or reviews, or whatever you want to call these strongly opinionated summaries not there, but on my own little platform.

My plan is to publish one post a week. Sometimes posts could be longer and more elaborated, sometimes shorter and less sophisticated. But I will always stick to a basic structure, starting with a full citation including a link to the free or non-free paper. Followed by an "Abstract" section with the paper's abstract, copied from the paper, probably with emphasis by me. My actual contribution to this whole thing will be labeled "Review" and include my very personal comments, considerations, ideas, and anything else that I want to mention in relation to this paper. The final section will be optional and contain further "References" as full citations, when I mention additional resources in my review. If I notice that this structure doesn't work, I might change it.

If you agree or disagree with my comments, please feel free to leave a note. I am happy to discuss about the papers and my comments, as that is the purpose of this project: reading and discussing papers to achieve a better understanding and gain new insights into the world of Enterprise 2.0 and what I view as loosely or closely related to it.

If you wonder what Enterprise 2.0 is, here is the definition from Wikipedia: "Enterprise 2.0 aims to help employees, customers and suppliers collaborate, share, and organize information via Web 2.0 technologies." This term was coined by Andrew McAfee in 2006. Recently some people began talking about enterprise social software or even social business when they refer to Enterprise 2.0 solutions. I decided to stay with the term Enterprise 2.0 for now.

In addition to reviewing papers here, I also keep a list of bookmarks at If you don't like my comments, perhaps you can at least find something interesting there.

To get in touch you could send an email to, find me on Google+ via, or on Twitter as @goetzb.

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